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Tips for Choosing Dip or Acrylic Nails

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Many clients ask us about the differences between dip powder nails and acrylic nails. Both options can give you beautiful, long-lasting nail enhancements, but they achieve the results differently.

Dip powder nails use a multi-step dipping process to build the artificial nail. After preparing the natural nail, the technician dips it into colored powder made of finely ground acrylic. Each dip into the powder jar and drying creates a layer that forms the extension. After reaching the desired length and thickness, the nails are then buffed and shaped as desired. To keep the dip powder nails smooth and shiny, the technician applies a glossy top coat. The powder layers create a strong yet lightweight nail that feels natural.

Acrylic nails use a liquid "acrylic" polymer and generally require more time and skill from the nail technician. The liquid and powder polymer are precisely mixed and applied to form the extension and slowly harden. The process involves blending the product and requires sculpting skills. Acrylics bond to the natural nail for a seamless enhancement. Multiple layers create the strength and thickness. Then the nails can be shaped and polished.

While both options deliver beautiful, customizable nail looks that can last 2-3 weeks with proper care, acrylics tend to be more expensive and time-consuming to apply. Dip powder nails provide a quicker, potentially less damaging option. However, acrylics allow for more detailed nail art.

When considering a new set of enhanced nails, think about your budget, time, and desired nail style. Consult with an experienced nail technician about whether dip powder or acrylics will work best for your nails. With the right application and care, you can get stunning results from either service. Let us know if you have any other questions! We look forward to seeing you at Lycoris Nail Lounge.

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